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Quest Hockey's Super Skills Tune-Up Camp

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Each 70-minute on-ice session of our Super Skills Tune-Up Camp will feature an even mix of power skating and stick skills (shooting, passing, and stick handling) instruction.  Players will participate in various drills and small area games to improve upon their current skill set while being introduced to new techniques and moves.  Often working in small groups, players will enjoy developing their skills in an up-tempo, fun, competitive learning environment with players of similar age and skill level.

Quest Hockey’s instructors work with hockey players of all skill levels – from those just starting to play to those currently playing at the NHL level.  We are constantly optimizing our drills and curriculum to challenge and develop our players.  Quest Hockey’s instructors are hands on and provide immediate feedback on the ice.  When we see a player doing something wrong, we stop and correct them.  Many have noted this sets as apart from the competition.

Power Skating

VIDEO: Dynamic edge control from some of our elite players.

VIDEO: Inside and outside edge control.

VIDEO: Transitions from BW to FW and FW to BW; BW crossovers.

VIDEO: Forward to backward transitions.

VIDEO: Inside edge work; deep knee bend.

Stick Skills

VIDEO: Working with Vince Trotchek of the Florida Panthers this Summer

VIDEO: Side stick handle; pull-in move; transition with puck.

VIDEO: Quick hands; toe drag; Datsyuk pull-in and great shot.

VIDEO: Two puck drill used to force players to think ahead.

VIDEO: Use of inside edges and weight transfer to be deceptive.

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2017 Pre-Season Super Skills Tune-Up Camp

July 24, 25, 27 & 28

YMCA Ice Rink (Formerly Bethel Park Bladerunners)

6:00 – 7:10 PM

quest hockey camps pittsburgh pa Price:

All Sessions: $240 | Single Day Drop-In: $65

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