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Quest Hockey Scoring and Stick Skills Program - Pittsburgh, PA

2018 Pre-Tryout Stick Skills Clinic

April 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6


305 Church Rd

Bethel Park, PA 15102

quest hockey camps pittsburgh pa  ADM/Squirt/PeeWee | ’06 – ’09 | Beginner to Intermediate Skill Level

6:00 – 6:50 PM

quest hockey camps pittsburgh pa  PeeWee/Bantam/Midget | ’06 & older | Intermediate to Advanced Skill Level

7:00 – 7:50 PM

Price:  $200

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It takes years of practice and repetition to master a skill.  Even the best hockey players in the world continually work to develop their stickhandling, passing and shooting skills.  The logic is simple: the more you do of something, the better at it you become. With that in mind, we created the Quest Hockey Scoring and Stick Skills program, which is designed to improve each players stickhandling, dekes and moves, puck control, passing and shooting skills.

Our Quest Hockey trainers will provide detailed instruction regarding proper technique and then players will be put through multiple repetitions of specifically designed exercises that isolate each skill.  Over time, each player’s stickhandling and shooting skills will improve, allowing them to be more confident with the puck.

quest hockey camps pittsburgh pa ADM/Squirt/PeeWee | ’06 – ’09 | Beginner to Intermediate Skill Level

Players will learn proper fundamental stickhandling, shooting and passing techniques.  The basics will be emphasized to ensure each player has a solid technical foundation from which to grow. Specific moves/dekes, types of shots and passing situations will challenge each player.

quest hockey camps pittsburgh pa PeeWee/Bantam/Midget | ’06 & older | Intermediate to Advanced Skill Level

Players will continue to develop their stickhandling, shooting and passing skills with a greater focus on specific situations and strategies faced in a game. Players will be challenged to implement new moves, dekes and strategies to add to their arsenal of tools.

VIDEO: Training with Vince Trocheck of the Florida Panthers.

VIDEO: Side stick handle; pull-in move; transition with puck.

VIDEO: Quick hands; toe drag; Datsyuk pull-in and great shot.

VIDEO: Two puck drill used to force players to think ahead.

VIDEO: Use of inside edges and weight transfer to be deceptive.

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