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The most personalized of our hockey programs, individual and small group hockey lessons consist of customizable 45-minute sessions on the ice with a certified Quest Hockey trainer. Each fundamental hockey skill [skating, shooting, passing, & stickhandling] is progressively developed via personalized instruction and skill specific drills.

We highly recommend our hockey lessons as they allow us to directly monitor and guide each player’s development, while providing the player the ability to personally interact with the instructor and the lessons other participant’s.

Our clientele ranges from beginners that are just learning how to ice skate to elite level AAA, college and pro players to recreational adult league players, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us to get started – we are happy to help any hockey player on their quest!

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quest hockey lessons pittsburgh pa Ice Castle Arena

Day and Time

quest hockey lessons pittsburgh pa Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,  Thursday & Friday

8:00 – 8:45 AM [June, July & August ONLY]

8:45 – 9:30 AM [June, July & August ONLY]

10:00 – 10:45 AM

10:45 – 11:30 AM

  3:40 – 4:25 PM

  4:25 – 5:10 PM


quest hockey lessons pittsburgh pa Individual:  $100 + Cost of Admission to Stick Time ($10)

quest hockey lessons pittsburgh pa Small Group [2 to 6 players]:  $40/player + Cost of Admission to Stick Time ($10)

24 Hour Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy:

With limited ice time available for lessons it is important for us to ensure that each ice slot is put to good use.  When a lesson is cancelled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice we not only lose your business, but also that of other clients who could have attended the missed lesson slot.

For these reasons, the FULL LESSON FEE will be charged to you for missed lessons or lessons that are canceled or rescheduled less than 24 hours of the scheduled lesson time.

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